Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Lipread

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1. Improve Communication

Lipreading improves overall communication as it enables you to use all possible cues to ensure that you can follow along with the entire conversations, and not just part of it!

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2. Build Confidence

Lipreading involves taking charge of a situation and picking up on a variety of clues. Lipreading allows people to feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. Also, when someone knows that they are not missing out on a conversation, they will automatically feel more confident. 

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3. Be Connected

Communication is an essential part of life, and when hearing loss begins to affect the way we talk to others, it can lead to feelings of isolation and even depression. Learning to lipread allows people to reconnect with what they may have lost and feel more included at home, at work, and at play. 

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4. Help Your Technology

Those who use hearing assistive technology often find that although it helps, there can still be gaps in coherency. Lipreading helps to fill in the blanks that your technology may have missed, making it easier for you to communicate.

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Two people, side by side 5. Relate to Others

Lipreading allows people to make connections with others experiencing the same challenges as they are. For those who have lost their hearing, this is especially important, as they are able to learn and grow with others who are on the same level as they are through long-lasting relationships.


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6. Be Independent

Independence is a big part of lipreading for many of the people who learn it. By learning how to fill in the gaps of speech, people feel as though they are no longer reliant on others to ensure they can participate in everyday conversation. This means they can get back to the things they enjoy doing without the fear of missing out.

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7. Gain Insight

Learning to lipread allows everyone to learn about speech patterns and cues, as well as how hearing loss can affect communication, making it a great asset for both those with hearing loss as well as their families. 

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8. Improve Relationships

By learning how to lipread, many people can reconnect with their family and friends as they can communicate more effectively, without fear of missing out. For those who do not have hearing loss, it's a great way to improve your understanding and improve your communication skills.

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9. Show Strength

Lipreading involves taking control of your life and the way you communicate. This is not an easy task and by learning to lipread, it shows both perseverance and strength. 

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10. Be Prepared

Lipreading is for anyone! It allows a person to create a toolbox of ways to troubleshoot when they are in a challenging listening situation, therefore giving them the opportunity to fill in the blanks with ease.

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Learning to lipread has proven to be beneficial for many people of all ages and backgrounds. Lipreading is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect, but the more you learn the more you can benefit! 

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