What is
Read Our Lips?

  • Self-paced online course that teaches key lipreading skills

  • Created by experienced speech reading instructors to help you practice key movements of the mouth.

  • User-friendly and available on smartphones, tablets, and computers with an internet connection.

Gifting Read Our Lips

Is someone you love experiencing hearing challenges? Learning to lipread can help them feel more connected to conversations.

Choose the perfect gift for your friends and family from our three options below!

  • Read Our Lips

    Read Our Lips is an online speechreading course built for you. We've built this course so that anyone, anywhere, can have the opportunity to learn to speechread. The course covers the 8 most common lip movements in the English language.

  • Skills Practice

    This program is perfect for the experienced lip reader in your life! Includes more practice to keep building your lipreading skills and help you in places where it's hard to hear.

  • Lipreading Bundle

    Whether you are just starting out on your lipreading journey or an experienced lipreader wanting more practice. This bundle includes our original lipreading learning program as well as the skills practice course.

Give The Gift of Lipreading

Now you can give the gift of lipreading to your friends and family!

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How Does This Work?

When you purchase any of the Read Our Lips courses as a gift you will receive an email from contact@readourlips.ca with the following instructions on how to enroll in the course! 

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