Read Our Lips - Skills Practice

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Lipreading Skills Practice

More practice to keep building your lipreading skills and help you in places where it's hard to hear.

The Skills Practice Learning Program Includes:

  • Practice sentences with background noise.
  • Practice sentences that build into stories and jokes.
  • More sentences with the lip movements F,V, Ph. P,B,M. Th. W, Wh. L. T,D,N. J , Soft G.
Lipreading Skills Practice

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Feedback From Read Our Lips

Participants from the first Read Our Lips learning program have been asking for more! These skills practice sessions include what you've been asking for!

  • "Give me some more!!!! Give me some way to practice..."

  • "This course was excellent! I would love to do another one to keep my skill sharp. Thank you for this wonderful program. It will help me a great deal in the "New Normal"!"

  • "I wonder if sound could be added in some way. For me, usually I am lipreading in addition to using residual hearing."