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What Are The Benefits?

This online learning program includes 8 lessons to teach you lip reading techniques

  • Learn and practice lipreading (an important part of overall speechreading) at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

  • Feel more confident about your ability to communicate in challenging listening environments by learning to identify 8 of the easiest lip movements.

  • Feel more connected to conversations and the world around you. Video lessons (with captions for hearing accessibility) help you start, or build on, your ability to lip read.

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Perfect For Beginners Or For Those Who Have Already Learned Lipreading To Practice Your Skills At Home

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What Is Read Our Lips?

Read Our Lips is an online speech (lip) reading program built for you. Created so that anyone, anywhere, can have the opportunity to learn to speech (lip) read. This course is brought to you in collaboration with the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association.
What Is Read Our Lips?

Connecting Canadians impacted by hearing loss 
through advocacy, education, and community engagement

About Read Our Lips

Help your community and yourself

Read Our Lips is a social enterprise of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - Newfoundland and Labrador. All profits from this course are put directly back into programs and initiatives aimed to help those with hearing loss in our communities.

You have visited this page through the affiliate link of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association National Branch, they receive a percentage of the price you pay. We aim to help as many people as possible - including you!

About Read Our Lips

What Program Participants Are Saying

I feel comfortable in noisy situations

"I use the knowledge taken from this class every day and no longer feel uncomfortable in crowds or noisy situations"

Easy: Even if it's your first online program

"I'm not very technologically minded so if I could figure it out, most people will...I've found the program very easy to use"

I'm more confident

"My confidence in my lipreading skills has increased dramatically since taking the Read Our Lips program".

Videos make learning easy

"The front and side angles with speed adjustment make the program very easy to use"

Gives encouragement

"positive reinforcement and encouragement throughout the program made Read Our Lips very enjoyable"